The Top 50 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

High school years are one of the best times in a student’s life. You have all the drama, fun, friends, hangouts, party, school events, sport, and prom and off course academic assignments. If you are going to be in high school soon, then you need to realize that it is not like the movies. You need to study and perform well in academic in order to maintain your grades and position in the class. All the other things are secondary. You need to work hard because you might want to have a scholarship when you pass your high school. Your desired university will have a certain merit and if you do not pass it, you will not be able to make it

Essays are the most repetitive tasks you will attempt during your high school years. You need to make sure that you have enough practice and understand various types of essays in order to write winning papers. An argumentative essay is the type of paper where the writer is supposed to develop a stance and convince the readers of his ideas with the help of enough logical evidence, factual data and concrete examples.

Topic ideas for argumentative essays

The topic of such a paper is critical because you need to base your entire paper around it. You must choose an arguable title so that you have the flexibility to develop a stance and present the opposing ideas as well. If you need some ideas for the area you want to discuss in your topic, then you can find them in this article. Below are top suggestions for writing an argumentative essay in your high school

  1. Drugs
  2. Addiction
  3. Sex education
  4. Social taboos
  5. Bullying
  6. Mass migration to urban areas
  7. Religion and extremism
  8. Gender oppression and religion
  9. Yoga and depression
  10. Yoga and diabetes
  11. Yoga and spiritualism
  12. Dinosaurs
  13. Cancer
  14. HIV
  15. Photosynthesis
  16. Sunlight for skin
  17. Ozone layer
  18. Global warming
  19. Carbons
  20. Organic foods
  21. Junk food
  22. Obesity
  23. Hamlet
  24. Movies based on classical literature
  25. Sport celebrities
  26. Parenting styles
  27. Only child
  28. Single parents
  29. Domestic violence
  30. Finances and divorce
  31. Marriage
  32. Child abuse
  33. Economy
  34. Trade and terrorism
  35. President Obama
  36. President Kennedy
  37. McDonalds
  38. Coca cola
  39. Mergers and acquisitions
  40. Marxism
  41. Capitalism
  42. Feudalism
  43. Theory of relativity
  44. Theory of evolution
  45. Theory of everything
  46. Nicholas Cage
  47. Angelina Jolie
  48. Tom Cruise
  49. Brad Pitt
  50. Insulation

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