Thesis Statement For A Research Paper: Brainstorming A Topic

Are you in the process of creating a thesis statement for a research paper? Are you having trouble finding the perfect topic to detail the subject that you would like to focus on? There are great ways to go about brainstorming a topic that will help you to get your brain moving in order to find a great topic to write about. Some of the best ways to brainstorm a topic include:

  • You can find a couple of homework topics that your class has gone over and write them all down in order. Try to find compelling topics out of the homework that you have been assigned. Look for something that you can make an argument about. Pick a side of the argument that is interesting to you, and then try to create topics based off of that side of the argument.
  • Open up your notebook. Skim through the notes that you have taken from class. Look for notes that are particularly of interest to you. Once you have found a handful of topics that are interesting to you, try to make an argument out of each one of them. If there is a topic that is particularly conducive to a two-sided argument then you might have found a great subject matter. Then you will pick one side to the argument and buy thesis statements with that argument.
  • Have a peer group meeting. Other students might be able to help you to sculpt a better thesis statement than you could on your own. Sit down with some peers and try to get a debate going. The topics that are more able to be debated about are going to be the topics that are more likely to make good thesis statements.

These are just a few of the best ways to get started with brainstorming a thesis statement on your own or with peers.

If you were struggling with creating a thesis statement, then maybe it would be valuable to go over the requirements of a thesis statement again. The core requirements for a thesis statement include:

  • This statement should be making a strong argument for or against something
  • This statement should be clear and concise
  • You should be able to summarize your entire paper with your thesis statement.

These are just a few of the most important elements to writing a strong thesis statement for any paper during your academic career.

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