Discovering Technological Term Paper Topics: 20 Fresh Suggestions

  1. Technology has brought about the biggest revolution in human history that we know of today. Do you agree or disagree with this statement, show examples and facts to prove your stance
  2. The smartphone revolution has changes the way businesses operate and they need to focus more on their digital marketing strategies instead of electronic and print media
  3. Einstein said that I fear a day when technology will surpass human interaction, which will be a generation of stupid. Do you think we are a stupid generation according to the science geek, if not, how
  4. People comment that social media networks make us selfish and they are bad for young generation because they distract them. Is it about the networks themselves or should it be self-discipline
  5. Discuss the effects of technological advancements on the manufacturing industry that involved human labor. Do you think it is good or bad to replace manual labor with machines and programs
  6. Can a person survive in 2015 without having a little know how of the technology? Is it possible in today’s era to find someone who knows nothing about computers, phones, mobile devices and software applications
  7. Why are cellphones more popular than computers even when computers came first and have more benefits? Is it because of the number of masses who can afford them
  8. Is a smartphone a necessity or luxury for modern life? Give reasons to support your stance and use concrete evidence to prove it
  9. What is the importance of technology and information in developing young brains and helping toddlers learn and interact better without much effort from their parents
  10. Can robots ever take over the world, discuss with proof and describe the entire process without any gaps if you think so
  11. Show how the world changed over the past two decades from the information age to internet and smartphone age
  12. Should there be legal restrictions on government and state level for age limit and people who can access the internet via computers, mobile devices or cellphones
  13. How can the police and other armed forces make use of technological advancements to improve efficiency and reduce criminal activities
  14. Is internet a good thing or bad, why are parents and elder people against the access usage of technology, Are they afraid or concerned
  15. Can a person have technological boycott in today’s date
  16. What was the main concept behind the movie transcendence
  17. Do Hollywood movies exaggerate the possibilities of technological advancements or is it possible
  18. Star wars
  19. Apple vs android
  20. Steve jobs vs bill gates

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