How To Write A Good Research Paper On Modern Technologies: 10 Things To Know

Modern technologies are very diverse and are developing at a fantastic pace. This makes the subject of modern technologies very interesting when it comes to writing a research paper. However, it’s not easy to find a good topic and write a decent paper on it. If you are writing your first research paper on modern technologies, you should know some basic rules. Follow the tips given below to learn these rules.

  1. Understand your assignment.
  2. To choose a good topic for your paper, you should read your assignment carefully. You should generate your ideas depending on the type of a paper you’re assigned to write. For example, if you’re assigned to write an analysis essay, you should pick a topic that may be observed from three or more different angles.

  3. Generate ideas for your topic.
  4. The next step is to think about topics you’d like to write about. Generate a few interesting ideas. Ask your teacher and classmates which one of these ideas is the best. Select a final topic.

  5. Learn more about your topic.
  6. Read some basic information about your topic. In this way you’ll understand the topic better and will know where to direct your research.

  7. Narrow your topic.
  8. General topics are too large to do thorough research on them. Narrow your topic in order to focus on some details and describe them in your paper.

  9. Look for materials and examples.
  10. To write a good research paper, you’ll need decent examples and other materials related to your topic. Look for them in your school library or on the Internet.

  11. Create an outline.
  12. Basing on your topic and gathered data, you should create an outline for your future paper. You may consult your teacher for help making a good outline.

  13. Write the introduction.
  14. In the introduction of your paper you should present your topic and attract your readers’ attention. Put your thesis statement in the end of the introduction to set a tone for a further discussion.

  15. Write the body.
  16. The body is the largest part of any paper. Here you should raise your arguments, support them with evidence from your sources, and discuss your ideas.

  17. Write the conclusion.
  18. In the conclusion you should summarize the points that have been mentioned in the body. Explain any unclear parts and point out the importance of your work.

  19. Proofread your work.
  20. Check your paper for any grammar and spelling mistakes. Restructure awkward sentences and delete information that isn’t absolutely relevant to your topic.

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