Who Serves 'Do My Essay' Requests?

A common question from students and teachers learning about essay writing services is: "Who is actually writing my paper?"

This is a great question, and the answers are rather interesting.

Who is actually writing the essays?

  1. Students currently enrolled in college with experience on the subject
  2. Intelligent scholars who are capable of writing on any topic and in need of a fast, easy buck
  3. Professionals, who have already graduated from college, looking for a supplemental income
  4. Foreign writers with excellent English skills and advanced education
  5. People who have absolutely no right to ever even think they could put together an essay.

Wait a minute - there are people writing essays who aren't actually good at it?

That's right! In all four of the items listed above there are individuals writing essays who shouldn't even think that they are capable. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to learn of the quality that these writers will present until after you have paid for it.

With the internet, there is an international market for writing services. This means that those who aren't fluent in English are capable of finding this type of work. Sadly, it often results in students failing their assignments.

How Can You Avoid this Trap?

Are you wondering "how to get done with homework fast?" The best thing you could do is take the time to review the work of the person providing the essay. If you are pleased with the quality and knowledge, then you might want to proceed with this writing service.

If you are working with an online provider of academic writing services, you might want to check the reviews others have provided of their work. Be careful, though, not to view a handful of negative reviews too seriously, though. People are always more prone to complain than they are to praise.

If you are working with someone that you know personally, then you should ask to see a few sample essays that he or she has already written. Ask for references, too. See if there is any guarantee for the grade you will receive (even the best writers usually won't guarantee a grade).

If the writer is willing to guarantee a grade, then you know you have a great author working for you.

Proceed with caution, no matter who is writing your essay. Plagiarism and cheating could get you expelled from school. The most important thing is that your essay writer is building a completely original and unique piece for your assignment.

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