How to write a research paper in different styling formats

Depending on your class, and major, your research paper could be written in different styles. The reasoning for this is because different fields use different styles in the occupation you are studying for. Such as most Academic Research papers would use APA (American Psychological Association), while most humanitarian sciences would use CMA (Chicago Manual of Style). So your classes are going to reflect that in what they want you to writ in.

  • Style Guide
  • Checking citations
  • Headers and footnotes
  • Styles you may use

Style Guide

Once you have your topic picked out and your research ready to start writing, the next step is doing it. Now it is time to make sure of your style. Every synopsis for your papers will have what style the instructor wants it in. The best way to handle this, is at the beginning of the semester, look at your class synopses. In them you will find what types of papers will be expected of you, and what styles the instructor wants them in. When you buy your books for the year, buy any style guide you do not already have that you will need. Because you will need them to write your papers.

Checking citations

Every style has its own way to work citations. Refer to your guide about how to place that citation. Many of them are in line, but some are in footnotes. Placing them in the wrong place will ruin a perfectly good paper. So always refer to your style guide for your citations.

Headers and footnotes

Every style has rules about headers and footnotes, make sure you follow that as well. Your research paper needs to have them done right, if they are used at all. Your style guide will show you how to do them.

Styles you may use

Here is a list of some of the styles you may use with a few notes on them.

  • MLA- Modern Language Association; This is one of the two most common styles used in academic papers. It is also the least restrictive form.
  • APA- American Psychological Association; This is the other of the two most common styles used in academic papers. It is demanding of form, and the way things are done.
  • CMA- Chicago Manual of Style; Most commonly used in Humanitarian science papers. This style uses footnotes, and in text citing, you will need to make sure you follow instructions.
  • HS- Harvard Style; Mostly used for Law papers, so those in legal school will most likely write in this style. The Bluebook of citation is the book you will need, but the rest of the style is mostly on-line.

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