Students Writing Essays For Other Students

Students who know how to write well can make a nice income by writing essays for other students. Many students hate writing essays and they would love to be able to hire a friend or acquaintance to write their papers for them. As wonderful as it may sound to be able to make money writing essays, there are a few things that student writers should consider.

Dangers for Student Writers

If you are contemplating writing essays for money, you should be aware that the students you write for will expect certain grades. Many students will want a guarantee that they will get at least an A or B on the essay and if essay does not deliver, there could be some potential issues. Your reputation as a writer will be on the line as students will pay you for a certain caliber of work.

Student writers should develop a policy regarding guarantees and grades. Some students will be satisfied just having an essay to turn in, but others will expect that they earn a certain grade. You will want to protect yourself somehow.

Potential Trouble with School Officials

There is another danger with students deciding to write papers for other students. Both the clients and the writer could get in trouble with school officials. Some schools could consider it to be plagiarism when students hire other students to write their essays for them. While plagiarism is technically stealing someone else’s ideas, the idea that students are turning in a paper that someone else has written for them is just asking for trouble.

The Question of Plagiarism

Students who hire other students to write their essays can also have potential problems. Student writers could be recycling essays that they have already written for other students, especially since many professors often give the same writing assignments each semester. If you are caught submitting an essay that was previously submitted, students can receive punishments as serious as expulsion. 

Professional Services vs. Student Writers

If students need to have essays written by someone else, they can always turn to essay writing services. There are many legitimate essay writing services that employ professional, native English speaking writers. Many of the services provide money-back guarantees. Students might pay more hiring a professional writing service, but they are guaranteed to get good essay that will not be recycled. Choosing a professional writing service over student writers is a better way to keep academic reputations intact.

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