How to Create a Successful Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are used when you are going to base your discussion on your experience. Narrative essay is a story telling form of an essay. In narrative essay, writer narrates story in such a way that reader gets absorbed in it. The experience is given a form of story which portrays a particular idea or topic. Narrative essays are usually structured in three steps: beginning, the middle, and the end. That's how a story is. Usually in narrative essays, conclusion is left open.

The audience or reader can draw his own conclusion from the whole narrative. In order to write a successful narrative essay, a few tips can be followed.

  • Precision:
  • Do not put on extra length in sentences. There should be precision in description of every movement. If you make broad sentences, that can produce boredom in the narrative. So always keep it interesting and concise.

  • Intelligibility:
  • You should share your experience with clarity and comprehensibility. The reader will enjoy your experience with interest only when it makes sense to them. If something, movement or step needs a little description then describe it. If you think that a certain point will create ambiguity in your narrative then skip that point if possible.

  • No second person narratives:
  • It is always preferable that the experience that you are going to narrate is your own experience. If you have experienced it, you can describe it with originality. Originality is what shapes your narrative in the most interesting and unique way. If you narrate other person's experience, it is called second person narrative which is not as effective as first person narrative.

  • Choose dynamic words:
  • Your narrative should not sound too clinical. You should use dynamic words that enhance interest of reader in your narrative essay. Avoid using passive constructions in your essay.

  • Avoid referencing in the text:
  • Although standard format of essay writing recommends use of referencing in your essay but narrative essay is different. You are telling a story in your essay. If you try to give any reference in the text, it will break flow of the narrative. Also it will be difficult for you to maintain your own flow of the story. That is why referencing in text should be avoided while writing narrative essay. If a reference is very important, put it at end of the essay by forming a section of references.

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