Law Research Papers – Concluding Your Writing

There are a lot of challenging elements to creating a well-written law research paper. You are going to spend a lot of time of each unique and specific writing concentration. You will need to focus on the composition of the:

  • Introduction – this is where you are going to introduce the entire paper and the tone of the writing that the audience is going to be expecting through out the law research paper
  • The thesis statement- this is where you are going to tell the readers what they are going to expect in terms of the argument that you are making and supporting through out the law research paper
  • The main idea- this will act as a map of the organization and the order of the presentation of the information through out the law research paper
  • The body paragraphs- organized by the main idea, you are going to want to make sure that the body paragraphs appropriately present the right data and supporting information in order to make sure that your argument is as strong as possible

These are all of the various elements of the pieces of the law research paper writing process that will take up a significant amount of your time. However, there is one piece that is potentially the most important element of the law research writing process. You are going to need to conclude your writing with an amazing paragraph or conclusion statement that really ends the paper in a strong manner. You will spend the entire paper making an argument and supporting your argument with details and facts. Then you are going to have to bring the argument to a close. The worst thing that you could do to yourself would be to end the paper with a vague and weak conclusion paragraph or conclusion sentence. This will leave readers feeling confused and unfulfilled. When the reader is taking the time to read your entire law research paper, it is important to end the paper with a sense of accomplishment knowing exactly what the purpose of the paper was and what one learned from reading the paper. Therefore, you are going to need to end your paper with a conclusion paragraph or statement that:

  • Restates the argument, and main idea of the paper
  • Restates your position on the argument
  • And summarizes the main points that support the argument that was made through out the course of the law research paper
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