Things To Avoid When Writing Your Essay Introduction

When writing a paper, whether it is for the classroom or a business environment, the introduction should pull the reader in and make them want to continue to read the paper. The introduction needs to engage the reader in some manner and help them to understand why the topic of the essay is important. It can be used to briefly provide background information for the paper, whether it is an interesting fact, a quotation or definitions of terms that the reader will need to understand.

What to Avoid in the Introduction

Even though the introduction may be used to give background information, it shouldn't be too lengthy. The information needs to be conveyed in a clear and concise manner in order to compel the reader to keeping reading the essay. If all of the information in the paper were in the introduction, there would be no reason for the reader to continue reading or for you to continue writing the paper.

Try not to lead your essay with a dictionary definition of the terms in your paper, especially if they are terms that most people will know. Frankly, you will bore your reader and they will not want to continue with your essay, which is defeating the purpose of writing the paper. The introduction of an essay should lead up to your thesis statement, which will give the reader a clear understanding of your paper's topic.

Since academic writing is more factual, you should also avoid using hyperbole in the introduction in order to make the topic seem more exciting. The assertions or facts of your essay will need to be supported in the body of your work, so if you exaggerate facts in the introduction, you won't be able to support them in your research.

Write the Introduction Last

This idea may seem backwards, but by writing the introduction last, you will be more familiar with the argument of your essay and the direction in which you want to take the reader. You can write a simple introduction to get yourself going when you start writing your paper, but make sure to go back and revise the introduction so it better introduces the topic of your paper.

While the introduction isn't the most important part of an essay, it should be written to keep the reader interested in your paper. A boring introduction will mean a boring paper from the reader's point of view.

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