In Search of New American Literature Research Paper Topics

Literature in America is entering a new era, as authors are experimenting with new and exciting developments in the field of literature. Many things are bringing this about, and part of this is the emergence of new branches of literature- post modernism is quickly evolving into meta-modernism and beyond. There is also a lot of new literature in dealing with new topics in philosophy and technology- novels are changing as fast as the world around us. This is causing the emergence of a new American literature, and there is a plethora of topics for a research paper on this subject.

First, consider genre fiction. There have long been mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy novels, many of which have been formulaic or copying off each other. These have long been scoffed at by critics, but there is a resurgence of literary minds writing genre fiction. To what extend does this shape the way we see literature, and how do we contrast popular literature with so-called literary genre fiction?

Post modernism is on the way out, and instead we are dealing with new works in Meta-modernism. This field is somewhat a reaction to the post modernist way of thinking, which was in turn a reaction to modernism. What are the characteristics of this new genre of fiction, and what traits in it have emerged as a reaction to post modernism?

Speaking of pulp fiction, there is actually a set of rules governing bad novels in a way that does not govern literature, and authors are taking note of this. How do the rules of pulp fiction differ from those of traditional literature, and what is the cultural consequence of this divide?

Technology is changing the way we view the world, and America is a leader in world technology now. How this informing is is literature? Certainly, we have had science fiction around for quite some time, but it has it is own rules and conventions- within the last twenty years, sic if has grown in popularity and has entered the mainstream, and the same has happened within the academic an literary worlds. What are the cultural forces that are causing this?

There is this emergence of American sexual minorities coming forward and participating in public spaces. One of these public spaces is the publishing of novels. This includes novels focused on gays, pansexual, and transsexuals, sparking a conversation about gender and how we define traditional roles in society. How is this shown in the New American Literature?

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