Full List of Common Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Your college essay is one of the most important and ambitious things you will have ever done. It requires extensive research and planning, but that comes later. First, you choose a topic that is interesting and innovative. It can be a completely new question or a new angle on an old one. The best essay topics are the ones that capture the attention at the get-go.

A list of good topics can be found on college websites and online. Here is a list of the best yet easy to research topics.

  1. Racism on campus should/should not be countered by strict punishment
  2. Smoking should be illegal
  3. Economic crisis is/is not directly related to violent behavior in college students
  4. Online degrees are as prestigious as degrees earned on campus
  5. College degrees are overrated/underrated/important/necessary/essential
  6. Multicultural/multiethnic families are more likely to collapse/more likely to be cohesive
  7. Pets should/should not be allowed on campus
  8. Single parents should/should not work from home
  9. Drinking problems in college students
  10. Impact of illegal drugs on college life
  11. MSG-containing products should be banned
  12. College campus should/should not offer free daycare services for students’ children
  13. College hours should be longer/shorter
  14. Standardized exams are accurate/inaccurate markers of individual aptitude
  15. There should be no examinations
  16. Class system is the root of all misery
  17. There should be fewer/more work hours in a week
  18. Production should/should not be based on the needs of the society
  19. Charity promotes a psychology of beggary and entitlement
  20. Teachers and students should be friendly, but not friends, with each other
  21. Bullying should/should not result in expulsion from college
  22. College education should be free for all
  23. Watching television is unhealthy for children
  24. Computer games are instilling violent behaviors in children and teens
  25. Food and shelter are basic human rights and should be free
  26. Parental help with school work is beneficial/detrimental for junior level children
  27. Sexual harassment is under/over reported
  28. Sports should be mandatory in school/college
  29. Learning a foreign language in the college years is a waste of time
  30. Political views should/should not be openly discussed
  31. Wars are terrorism/necessary
  32. Patriotism is a virtue/misplaced loyalty
  33. Academic stress is/is not a cause of depression/suicide
  34. Career is important/forced choice
  35. Social media is improving/destroying human relations

Your essay maybe the stepping-stone to your research paper, so choose wisely and select a topic that means something to you. The first person who should find your work interesting is you.

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