Making Statistics Homework Assignments

To better understand a subject, sometimes students can create their own problems to solve, especially in math subjects. Statistics, which involves learning from data by measuring, collecting and analyzing it, is a subject in which students can create their own assignments and work on them to better understand the subject. Students don't have to collect their own data, there is a world of information they can draw from online or in their school library.

Finding Data to Use

A student can use data in a subject they are interested in, such as sports. Baseball is a good subject for studying statistics because statistics is extremely important to this sport. This area of math is used to figure out a player's batting average, their number of times they make it to a base safely, how many outs they get at their position and a whole host of other information. If the student likes baseball, they can study their favorite team or their favorite players and analyze the data they find to create their own statistics problems.

News stories are often full of statistical data the student can draw from to create their own problems to make up a homework assignment. Perhaps they've read about motor vehicle accidents and they are curious about the statistics about how many accidents are caused by animals running out in the street. They can introduce the data in the homework assignment and show statistical data for the information they've found.

Using Online Resources

Whether it is finding data or learning how to solve an equation, there are many websites that can help the student better understand statistics and help them create their own problems to solve. They can find data online that they can analyze and use to create a homework assignment in order to better understand the area of statistics they are working on, whether it is basic statistics or an advanced area of the subject.

Creating their own homework assignments to work on will give the student a better understanding of the subject matter. Homework assignments don't always have to be assigned for students to work on a subject they are struggling with, such as statistics. They can create their own assignments to practice resolving statistics equations until they better understand the subject. They can consult with other students in their class and collaborate on creating assignments to challenge themselves as a way to better learn the subject matter.

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