Cancer As A Necessary Evil

The human body is made up of millions and trillions of cells. These cells are living organisms that live, divide and die in an organized manner. The division of cells is more rapid in children especially when they are inside the womb. Once the body cells have divided and the person grows as an adult the cells only divide when some of them are damaged or dried out. This division is controlled by the DNA within each individual cell.

Cancer occurs when the cells of the body start to grow in an unorganized and uncontrollable manner. The cells at a particular area start to divide unstoppably and even start affecting the neighboring tissues. This part of the body has now gone cancerous and will be a life threatening situation for the victim. It is one of those diseases that have no cure. Or if there is a cure scientists and doctors around the world haven’t been able to figure it out yet. It is useless to argue whether something that poses threat to human life is an evil or not. It certainly is. There is no doubt to the statement and it does not need any further explanations. This should be kept in mind that all tumors are not cancerous. The ones that may lead to cancer are called malignant tumors and the ones that do not are called benign tumors. There are thousands rather billions of people around the world that suffer from cancer. The disease is an extreme pain and the victim can never be at peace in the last stages. According to the research almost half of the men in America and one-third of the women either have or will have cancer in the future. At are, are called malignant tumors. The disease is so potentially dangerous and painful that victims prefer ending their lives rather than suffering the pain. The fact that cancer has no cure disappoints the patient and his determination to fight against cancer goes down. The mind is affected and person goes in a state of depression.

Cancer is a necessary evil that is growing on a much faster rate than expected. The best practice is to prevent it rather than regretting afterwards. If a person maintains a healthy lifestyle, gets enough of sunlight, exercises regularly and stays physically fit by maintaining a proper diet he is most unlikely to develop any disease even cancer.

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