Advantages And Disadvantages Of Event Marketing Strategies

In order to truly market yourself at a trade show try to use outdoor banner stands and pop up banners. These will add to the appeal of your booth and bring in more customers. As a business owner, one of the questions you may have is how to better promote your company. One of the best channels through which to do this is the traditional trade show. But knowing how to create a booth that attracts an audience can be tricky. Well firstly, you want awesome displays. Your booth should be focused on sight. It should be aesthetically pleasing to the audience so as to better catch the attention of your customers. The benefits to using an aesthetically pleasing booth are plentiful, but one of the benefits is getting a centerprice that will peak the curiosity of everyone who passes. But you don’t need to incur a financial burden to have the best booth in the show. Instead, focus your energy on capitalizing on your product in a creative way. Do something that is different.

Be sure to use technology. It is best to recognize that almost every person at the trade show will likely be on a smart phone. They will be doing things while they are walking around. So why not use this to your advantage? You can use quick response codes, better known as QR codes, to give your customers an immediate connection to your company. You can print this code on all of your company literature and have it integrated into the trade show sign. When customers walk by, they can scan the code with their phone and will be taken to your information, video, or company website immediately. It is a great way for the audience to connect to you and what you are offering immediately and it offers a better way for you to communicate with your audience members on the trade room floor.

Consider using prizes for the use of the QR codes. If customers scan your QR code and it takes them to your company Facebook page, you can give them prizes for tweeting about your company or checking in on your facebook page. Give them a prize like discounts on your product or a small take home prize like a ribbon. Consider adding games too. You want people to mingle so that they group together and talk with one another about your company.

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