A Manual for Composing Debatable Topics for Research Papers

Having a good research paper topic is what makes a good paper. If you aren’t interested in your topic at least a little, it’ll make it harder to write. If you’re looking for something that will impress your teacher, be easy to write about, and not be boring to work on, you’re in the right place. This article will talk about how you can do that, and more, for your research paper. Since you might have a week, only a few days, or only one day left before your deadline, these steps are in order of importance:

  1. Double check your teacher’s guidelines. You have to make sure you know if there are any topics your teacher doesn’t want you writing about, or any other restrictions, before you start searching for a good topic
  2. Next, you need to research what other topics have been done before in the area of your class. You don’t want a topic that’s been done to death, or one that’s recently been popular
  3. Decide on a topic quickly if you don’t have much time left – the research part of this paper will take the most time and then you still have to write it. So, if you have a few you’re thinking about, stop looking and pick one
  4. If you want to focus on current issues or controversial ones, you can search online for local websites that report news and other academic sources for topic ideas

What to Do Once You Have Your Dream Topic

After choosing the perfect topic for this paper, you’ll still need to research, write and edit it before you’re done. The first step to doing this is dependent how much time you have left. Look at your schedule and realistically divide the hours that you can work on this research paper outside of other classes and activities. Then, you should decide which task of the paper you’ll do on which day. This can depend on how you work best and other factors, but in general, it’s better to look at your time first, and make to do lists second. This can work out well regardless if you have many days left, or only a few hours in which to write and research your paper. Since, once your topic is chosen, it’s only a matter of following through with the research, you can write more quickly and with an educated point of view.

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