The National Climate Policy-making Challenge

Natural hazards are uncontrollable and so mankind is helpless during such times of disaster where several lives are lost, houses are shattered and people all over the world are emotionally shaken due to these calamities. Hence it is advisable that under such severe circumstances measures should be taken at both national and international level owing to the demand of the under-developed countries with fewer resources. However, this is not an easy task and policymaking faces trouble at both ends.

Climate can change drastically over the period of time in terms of increase in rainfall resulting in the increase in intensity of hurricanes and typhoons causing sudden floods. The policymaking authority decides what measures can be taken in order to avoid loss of lives as a result of these changes in the climate. It is suggested by the committee to take consent of the people who have been directly affected before moving on to the next stage. Authorities in the government at each level are responsible for the availability of resources in order to initiate the climate decisions including the politics behind this decision making. The public resources mainly include the heavy budget which the government is also responsible for. Other kinds of human resources include national research institutes and public university systems. Policy makers face challenges in easing the transition for the business sectors that are set to lose due to climate policy.

Climate change such as global warming has led many policymakers into believing that there must be a way out of the issues faced due aforementioned. The impact of greenhouse effect is not new for the research analysts. The increase in global temperatures has caused a rapid change in the climate. Hence the first federal climate change legislation was signed by Ronald Reagan in The United States under the Global Climate Protection Act in order to stabilize the situation. Research indicates disturbing threats to the future generation if climate change is not brought under control at least at the national level.

From what appears to be a simple task, climate change policy making has developed over decades in order to improve and facilitate the growing threats faced by the people all over the world. It is essential to recognize that these threats are partially caused by synthetic evolution for which mankind is responsible. It is not easy for the policymakers to bring about changes by adding new laws in the legislation. There must be an awareness campaign for those who fail to recognize the intensity of the situation both at national and local levels.

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