How to Write a Good Case Study in 3 Weeks

Case studies are usually conducted over the course of several months and even years, but if you only have three weeks to complete the paper, you can get it done. Many case studies are designed to follow a person or a group of people as they grow and develop. Some case studies take a lifetime to complete. However, if you have a short term case study, you can still show growth and change in a well-written paper.

Research Your Event

First, you should do thorough research. You are going to investigate a situation, as set by your professor. You look at research that shows the beginning of the situation and you follow the course of the event through to the present day. It is important to consider the sources that you are using for your research. You want to get as close to the actual event as you can, so it is better to get first-hand sources.

Organize the Research

Once you have gathered your research, the next step is to start organizing. You will need to decide the way you want to organize the case study since you have the option to go with a chronological case study or you want to use a cause-and-effect study. Either way, you will organize it with your best research that shows the changes in the situation you are researching. To properly organize your ideas, you could look at case studies that have already been written on similar topics.

Write the Introduction

After you have decided how to organize your case study, it is time to begin writing. You will want to include an introduction that will alert the reader to the topic of your case study. It is helpful to use a question in your introduction.

Provide Background Information

The next section of the case study is to provide background information. This is where you can include charts, graphs, and images that will help your reader understand exactly what you are going to show and why it is worth showing.

Share Your Data

Following the background section is the section that provides data. This section also includes what you have learned and it is appropriate to include the chronology of the situation or the cause and effect of it.

Draw Conclusions

Lastly, you conclude the case study by providing suggestions for the future. You can also let the reader make conclusions by offering more questions. Depending on your audience, you could have a fascinating discussion on the topic you researched.

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