Childhood obesity - Essay Sample

Our body has a basic energy requirement and in case it consumes more than it requires, the natural outcome is obesity. According to pediatricians, only an excess intake of about 100 kilo calories each day might cause a child to gain at least 10 pounds of weight every year. Although obesity is considered apparently harmless, it does highly reduce the quality of life, causing serious ailments to the child, all through his growing years and even later. As stated by the latest research, at least 4 among 12 children in America are diagnosed with child obesity, and the figures are only gradually increasing. However, this ratio must be controlled immediately and the parents must be made aware of the consequences their child might have to face, due to being an obese. Although most people would think that the prime reasons for child obesity are unhealthy food habits or lack of sufficient exercise, the roots of the problem go much deeper. Sometimes the obesity might also be genetic, being a tendency that runs in the family and is only naturally transmitted into the offspring, or even due to improper family habits.

If a parent sees his kid develop fat suddenly, in spite of no considerable increase in his food intake, he /she must at once get in touch with some child specialist, and get their ward checked up. Also sometimes, when kids themselves appear bothered or depressed by their appearance and constantly complain of how they look, parents must immediately consult a specialist, before it starts affecting the psychology of the child negatively. In case parents are negligent towards this problem and fail to access the risks that child obesity might pose to their kids, they might actually be slowly pushing their kids towards diabetes, heart problems, etc.

However, there are some very simple ways in which parents can check the spread of obesity in their kid, and that is by following a balanced diet and urging their kids to involve in outdoor activities that would need them to run about, be in constant physical activity and loose sweat. Also they must be supportive towards the kid, and not criticize him/ her, as doing so would only make the matters worse. Apart from all this, parents must also take their child for regular weight-height checkups, BMR calculations, and WC examinations, to monitor the growth or reduction of the obesity level. Remember, that with such care and awareness, the battle against obesity is already half won!

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