Example Research Papers are a Great Way to Boost Your Writing

Academic advisers, tutors, and instructors often recommend that a student working on their research papers review examples of other people's previous work. Research papers are lengthy works that go into deep detail about the topic of interest, and many students are initially disinterested in reviewing numerous examples, but they provide an invaluable template and guide.

There are many advantages to reviewing example research papers. Generally speaking, reviewing an example paper (or several samples) will result in tidier, better organized, better written work, and often cuts down on the amount of time it actually takes to complete the research paper.

Examples Provide an Outline

Research papers follow a highly regulated structure and outline, with several major sections (such as the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections), each of which consists of several subheadings (such as Background Research, Materials Used, and other sub-topics). In many cases, these subheadings themselves have sub-sections.

Research papers are lengthy, but they are highly organized, outlined works. By reviewing several examples, you can get a better sense of the exact outline you should be following. Think of the example paper as a “style guide”, or a rubric that you should follow when crafting your own. Take notes on its structure.

Examples Show Proper Formatting

After your research paper is finished, your instructor will typically review the formatting and layout of the document as well as the content. Margins and headings must be in exactly the right place, down the the millimeter; the title page must be laid out properly, and followed by a proper abstract, then a perfectly-formatted table of contents using the proper style.

These requirements are highly detailed, confusing, and difficult to follow without a sample to use as a resource.By adhering to several example research papers, you can be certain that your work looks the expected way and earns an excellent grade on the first try.

Examples Display the Proper Writing Style

There is a certain style of writing expected of an academic work such as a research paper. This tone can be hard to accomplish without a great deal of practice writing and reading dissertations or journal articles, particularly since the style is so distinct from the average conversational speaking style or casual writing style most people normally use.

Reviewing example papers will allow you to master the way of phrasing and of explaining phenomena that is expected in a major piece of course work.

If you are interested in completing your research paper in a timely fashion and earning a high grade, reviewing an example paper is the best thing you can do.

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