How to Check a Term Paper Writing Company

If you have decided to use a term paper writing company you're probably a bit nervous. You don't know what you're going to get until you get it. There are a few tips that can help you figure out whether or not you should even consider working with a company before you ever spend a dollar.

First thing first

  1. Check that there are reviews available from others who have used the service
  2. If these reviews are overwhelmingly positive (100% satisfaction across the board) or overwhelmingly negative (dozens and dozens of complaints) find another company.
  3. Contact them and see if you can learn more about the writers who will handle your project.

Narrowing down the options

Not all companies will respond to the third request. But after you have filtered out the companies that have no reviews, fake positive reviews, or overwhelmingly negative reviews, you want to learn more about the services the rest provide.

Check to see if they can show you partial samples from other assignments they have completed like yours. See if they provide any sort of guarantee for a passing grade. Find out if they are going to actually provide you with a unique article written from scratch.

After You Receive the Paper...

If you have decided to move forward with a company providing term paper writing services, you still need to check on their work. Copy a random selection of text and place it between quotes on your favorite search engine. If the work was badly plagiarized you will get a match. You shouldn't hand the paper in, and if it was guaranteed to be original, you should ask for a refund or a rewrite.

If nothing shows up in the search engine then you are probably safe. You may still want to check with one of the essay databases designed to combat plagiarism. It may be expensive (or even impossible) for you to gain access to one of these, but if you can, then you will know that you are handing in an original paper.

Special Instructions to Provide When Hiring Essay Writing Services

Make sure that you provide them some sort of writing sample of your own. If you typically hand in work full of grammatical and spelling errors, the term paper should contain some of these, too. A drastic, overnight improvement in the quality of your work will send up red flags, and you will get caught.

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