Where To Get A Proofread Research Paper Example In The Mla Format

MLA format is often required for research papers on social disciplines, so in order to be a successful student, you will need to master it. Here is a brief guide to getting reliable examples to learn on.

  • Writing labs.
  • There are multiple websites that explain MLA style and provide free sample academic papers written in it. You can easily discover these resources with the help of any search engine. Give preference to those that have “.edu” in their URLs. Look for research paper samples, not essays, as they might not have tables or charts you may need to insert into your paper. A good MLA paper sample would provide you with a clear idea of what your own paper in this style should look like.

  • Print style guides.
  • If you would rather take a safer way, look for a print guide. Such books have been carefully proofread, and all the examples they contain are of high quality. Meanwhile, you are almost sure to find there guidelines for any kind of research paper, including term papers and dissertations, which might not be the case with online writing labs. Ask in your college or university library whether they have any MLA style guides. If none are available at the moment, try looking at your local library.

  • Your university database.
  • Some universities store the best papers submitted by their students, as examples of good practice. Search your academic database for student research papers in MLA style. You can be absolutely sure that these are great examples – they have passed a strict selection by your professors, and they are in full compliance with your university’s specific guidelines. The latter point is important because many educational institutions would slightly modify common academic styles to fit their own needs. For example, the generally accepted MLA standard is 1 inch indent on the left, but your university standards might require 1.5 inch. If a sample research paper is available in digital form, you can use it as a template for your own work.

  • Your instructor’s archive.
  • Most instructors have a collection of research papers submitted by their students. Ask to have a look at those. Photocopy the papers if permitted to study them carefully at home. MLA research papers from your instructor’s archive would give you the most accurate idea of what he or she would appreciate. Pay attention not only to formatting and citing issues but also to how sentences are constructed and arguments reasoned.

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