Writing an Essay About a Specific Topic

Writing an essay is all about knowledge skill and style for writing it. But there are also other things that matter but are usually taken for granted. One of the most important things regarding essays is the topic of essay. If you are assigned a specific topic for writing the essay then you must take care of the following things before starting essay.

  • Choose structure which suits topic:

    You must choose a structure which suits your essay. For example, if your essay id going to be about cause and effects of a phenomena then cause and effect structure will suit best to your essay. Similarly, if the essay will proceed in a story narration manner then narrative structure is the one that will go with your essay. There are also other structures for essay writing. Once you have known the topic on which you are going to write, you can select the best structure for your essay which you think is suitable for it.

  • Collect data on that topic:
  • After choosing the specific topic, you must collect data on that topic. By data collection I mean to collect the facts and figures about that topic. First you must analyze your own knowledge of the topic. Then you can know better that on what dimensions the information is further required and you can get it by any source.

  • Make an outline:
  • Make outline of the essay. You will then know that what areas on the topic you are going to cover. It may also include your argumentation details on the topic. In this way, you will have a better idea on how strong your arguments are as well.

  • Think about all the dimensions:
  • Do not narrow your scope of the topic. You must be as dynamic and as broader as you can. This does not mean that you have to make your essay extra long. But you must be able to adjust all the information in chosen structure and length should be adequate.

  • Your opinion on the topic:
  • You must be very clear on your own opinion on the topic. In this way you know what side you are going to support and what argumentation do you need regarding this opinion. More you are clear on your argumentation or thesis statement o the topic, better you will be able to talk about it.

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