Nail the Intro of Your Evaluation Essay

In your evaluation you must make a judgement. It’s kind of like a review. You will judge something to conclude whether it’s bad or good. It may be better or worse than a similar item. Your essay may be serious or it may be humorous. After you’ve chosen your topic, you’ll need to make a plan for your writing.

Studies have shown that students who write down a plan and formulate an outline write better essays than students who neglect to make a plan. If you are searching for how to write an outstanding introduction for your essay, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out the top tips for intro writing.

What makes a superb essay introduction? Most people would say it has to grab the reader’s attention. This is very true! If the first paragraph is boring then no reader wants to keep reading. Here’s what you should do when constructing your introductory paragraph:

  • A hook – this is analogous to a fishing hook. It’s a super-interesting and intriguing sentence that hooks your reader and pulls them in. With a gripping hook, your reader won’t be able to resist reading the rest of the essay. This hook could fascinate or outrage the reader. Invoking any kind of strong emotion will do the trick.
  • An interesting statistic or a fact related to your topic could be used as a hook. It should be something that’s not in the common body of knowledge, because it has to grasp their attention.
  • An anecdote works to use as a hook. It depends on the topic of your essay.
  • A quotation or a question make for a good hook. The question is very effective for a persuasive essay. For an evaluation essay, form a question that suits your subject.
  • After the hook you will need some explanation. This explanation will lead into the thesis statement, which comes last. The explanation should make the hook more clear and lead the reader into your thesis.
  • Write your thesis. It should be a statement of one or two sentences that summarizes what you’re going to say in your essay.
  • The thesis should succinctly tell the reader exactly what the essay is all about.
  • Your thesis should be a statement, and not a list. It should be something you are going to prove or support in the body of your essay.

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