Custom Written Dissertations VS Recycled Ones

The moment of truth has come. You've decided to get some help with your dissertation. You've done the research and know that you can buy a custom written dissertation from the dissertation writing services or get one that was used in the past. So how do you know which is right for you?

It's hard to say because every situation is unique. Consider these things, though, before you make your final decision.

Benefits of Custom Written Dissertations

  1. Completely original
  2. At no risk of being identified as plagiarized
  3. Written by professional writers with experience in your field

They are typically more expensive and take a bit of time to complete. If you aren't in a huge rush and have the money to spare there is no doubt that this is the way to go. That might not be your situation, though, so you need to consider the benefits of recycled ones.

Benefits of Recycled Dissertations

  1. Cheaper than custom dissertations
  2. Instant delivery after placing your order
  3. Available on virtually any topic - including some of the most obscure

If you're in a real jam and need something right away you might not have a choice. The good news is that these are far cheaper than customized dissertations. It's just like buying clothes - you buy something made to fit the masses and it's affordable. If you buy something custom tailored you're going to have to cough up big money.

You can trust that a recycled dissertation will be delivered instantly. You put in your payment information and it's in your inbox within ten minutes. As long as it isn't identified as a plagiarized piece you're good to go.

You can also count on finding them on just about any topic. Obscure subjects will prove more difficult to source, but they're out there, for sure.

Which is Right for You?

You have to know how seriously your professor takes plagiarism. Those with a lackadaisical attitude won't even check. If you know that your professor doesn't check then proceed with the recycled paper. You also need to know if you have the time and money to hire someone for a custom paper. It could take weeks in some cases. You can also struggle to find someone providing this service at a cheap price. It's highly specialized work and demands high pay. The best writers won't do it for less than $50 an hour, but you might be able to find a writing service that provides quality at a more reasonable price.

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