Free MLA formatting tips

MLA (Modern Language Association of America) formatting is a type of writing style that allows you to properly cite sources within a research paper. Compared to other styles of formatting, MLA is typically the easiest style to learn. This type of citing is typically used for papers written over subjects dealing with the fine arts, humanities and other social work courses. Learning MLA format is incredibly easy and can be mastered by just about anyone. There are a few tips and tricks to remember when using this type of formatting that will keep you from making small mistakes on a regular basis.

Tips to Help Use MLA Format

One thing to remember about using MLA format is the in text citations. One tip to remember is that the author’s last name is placed within parentheses. Also make sure that the quotation always follow after a sentence including the page number that the quote is found on. If you have already stated the author’s name previously, you can simply add the author’s last name within the text. After the text place the page number within the parentheses. However if you can not find the name of the author of the source, you can simply use the title of the source material and the page number.

Tricks to Help Use MLA Format

When it comes to creating an article using MLA format you must make sure that the page layout is done correctly. Standard MLA format includes: 12 inch font Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1 inch margin and .5” Hanging Indent. When all of these elements are put together the paper will have an inherent aesthetic look to it. Another trick to keep in mind is that knowing how to cite more than one author’s name. Cite the author’s name in the same way that it is featured in the article or within the book. If there are more than three authors only use the last names of the first three authors and then add et. al at the end. For example: We traveled down a long winding road only to find a dead end.(Johnson, Everest, Wright & et al.)

Keeping these few simple trick and tips in mind will help you create an awesome MLA formatted research paper. For high school, college and graduate school students having these skills is very important especially when it comes time to create a term paper.

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