12 Interesting Essay Topics On History For Middle School Students

Middle school history papers can be difficult to write. One of the reasons for this is that it’s hard to pick one topic out of the many covered in class. You should always write about something you’ve already studied as it would be incredibly difficult to research a new subject in the time you have allotted for this assignment.

When you choose a topic, you need to focus on the things you are most interested in personally. Writing an essay about the subject you like will be enjoyable, so you won’t have any problems with motivation. The most important thing you have to remember when doing this is the scope of your chosen topic. It must be narrow enough to fit within the word count requirements, yet wide enough to ensure that there will be no ounce of filler content in the text.

Here are a few ideas you can use in case you can’t come up with anything interesting:

  1. Is American constitution flexible enough for the country that prizes democracy?
  2. The influence of Puritanism on modern American culture.
  3. Was it possible for the U.S. to maintain neutrality during the World War II?
  4. Should the U.S. continue to spread democracy to other countries playing the role of the “world policeman”?
  5. Causes of the Civil War: the role of slavery.
  6. Is it right to impeach the president based on moral and personal issues?
  7. The impact of Leonardo Da Vinci on science.
  8. Sparta: the country with more slaves than citizens. How did the Spartans manage to uphold any kind of order?
  9. How did the Catholic Church influence European governments during the Middle Ages?
  10. The connection and similarities between the World War I and World War II.
  11. The first economic downturn in the U.S.: the reasons behind the crisis of 1819.
  12. The role of slavery in the development of American culture in the South.

When you choose the subject to focus your paper on, you need to start with doing some research first. You might find something inspirational in the sources you glance over and develop your topic based on the ideas you get from this.

Study some history portals and popular publications on the subject. They are filled with interesting articles. These sources can provide you with both inspiration and research material. You should also use social networks and online forums to seek advice from people who have more experience and can share some helpful tips.

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