How to Find a Great Example of an Argumentative Essay

One of the most commonly used essay types is the argumentative. It gives writers a chance to explain without bias the points that support or don’t support a particular idea. It can be very similar to persuasive essay writing except that the intention is not to persuade but merely to inform and any biases that the writer possesses should not be immediately visible to the reader. This can require the write to walk a very fine line which can be difficult without prior experience. In such cases, a sample essay can be used an example. Here are some ways this example can be obtained:

Ask a teacher

Teachers who have corrected many essays over the span of their careers will have collected a few favourites. This resource can be extremely useful to writers who don’t know what is expected of them. Ask specifically to see the best argumentative essays from this collection. Most teachers will be impressed by your desire to improve your work and lend them to you on those grounds alone. Some others may not be swayed, however, so be prepared to use some of the other methods if this fails.

Do a good web search

The internet is full of great information that is unfortunately hidden in the midst of absolute rubbish. If you are diligent, you can sort through a very mixed batch of search results and pick out the argumentative essays that will actually benefit you. Be prepared to take your time and if you have trouble distinguishing quality writing from garbage, ask someone else to assist you.

Check out books about academic writing

Some of the best books on academic writing feature ‘prefect’ essays that readers can look at to see concepts described in practice. Check one out of your local library or see if you can locate an open source older version. Most of the rules that apply to essay writing have been around for a few decades if not centuries.

Expand your definition of the word “essay”

Argumentative writing can be found not just in essays but in articles and even in the dialogue between characters in a novel. If your problem is with structuring an argument rather than formatting an essay, this may be the most helpful to you.

By using all of these tips you expand your writing repertoire. In time argumentative essay writing may even become one of your favourite methods of creative expression.

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