Diagnosis And Therapy Of Adolescent Suffering From Depression

Many adolescents go through significant hormonal changes during their life, all of which can be attributed to their physical growth periods. During these periods of hormonal changes, depression is one of the most common sufferings. Depression can be brought about by social status among peers, sexual orientation, environmental stress, family life, school performance, or heredity. By the time adolescents reach the age of 18, eleven percent of them suffer from depression, and girls are far more likely to experience depression than boys. The symptoms vary based on person and age. Depression can be diagnosed by doctors and the therapy in lieu of drugs, or in conjunction with, is one of the most effective treatment forms.

Depression symptoms may be different in each person. Some children who feel depressed may regularly complain of feeling sick. They may refuse to go to their classes. They may cling to their parent or worry regularly that their parent might die. Some older children will feel as though they are regularly misunderstood, and will be negative often and get into trouble at school. Typically, symptoms include excessive guilty, difficult focusing or making decisions, memory loss, decreases or significant changes in appetites, feeling hopeless, or anxious. Some depressed teens may also try to self-treat their condition with substance abuse problems. Health care professionals can conduct an interview and psychological tests to determine if a child or teen is depressed. The severity of the depression can be determined during such an examination. From this examination and interview, treatment recommendations can be provided.

The standard medication for treating depression is no longer considered the standard treatment for depression. The best way to help children suffering from depression is to pinpoint which factors are influencing their depression, and to treat it with early intervention. Having family support can help the results gained through therapy. Psychotherapy is can be one of the best treatments for teens, but if the family life is contributing to the conflict or the depression, family therapy is recommended. There may be help required from teachers or family if the problems are brought about by peers or school. In only the most severe of cases is hospitalization in an appropriate psychiatric facility recommended. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help those teens who are struggling to recognize their negative thought patterns and change them in order to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Overall, depression can be treated with multiple methods. Because symptoms vary, it is important to be on the look out for all of them. Once noted, an appointment with a health care professional can be established.

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