Hints for Editing your Case Study Project

Case studies are a type of exam questions that are used to assess the skills and learning of the student. They determine how clearly has the student grasped the concept and how will he manage to apply it in real life cases. Most business courses involve case studies to see the analytical approach of the students. They are basically examples from real life where students are asked to comment and justify what would they do under such a circumstance. In a case study you have to be descriptive, persuasive and explain how to implement or improve a specific business strategy.

Following are the steps involved in addressing a case study. These tips mentioned with each step will guide the students in editing the case study project in a better and organized manner.

The business environment

The first step is for the student to realize the environment a business is operating in. this means the market or industry as a general, the competitors of the business, its customers and market share etc. A case study normally involves changes in the business environment. It is important that the student must be able to identify an expansion, shut down, growth, redundancies and latest business endeavors in that area.

The business structure

The business structure means the hierarchy of levels in a business and its size. The student must be able to identify the operating management structure in the business under concern. The following are a good hints to judge the overall business structure:

  • Employee base
  • The financial history
  • Annual expenditures/ total and fixed costs
  • Annual incomes/ Earnings and surpluses
  • The proprietorship of the business- whether it is publically owned or privately
  • The command chain

Identify the problem

The information given in the case study is not divided and the student has to analyze by himself that what is the major issue in the case study and how does it affect the business. The major issue can be identified by using a simple tip. Use your common sense, the issue most talked about or having the most relevant figures will be the one you have to address in your case study.

Suggest a business strategy

Once you have identified the issue then you should see what is the business doing about it already and how can it be improved. Suggest the business how to cope up with the challenges in most cost effective manner. The following are tips to include in a strategy you will propose:

  • The successful aspects
  • The unforeseen situations
  • The chances of failure
  • Risk involved
  • The business stage

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