Writing a Persuasive Essay on Any Topic

When you get your first persuasive essay assignment you might have no idea where to start. The good news is that you can literally write a persuasive essay on any topic. Take the pointers and tips from this article and employ them during your next writing assignment. It will guarantee success.

Basic Tips

  1. Play on the readers emotions. Whether you are writing about the environment, abortion, or why Kiebler Elves make the best cookies in the world, you want to somehow tie it to the readers emotions.
  2. Tackle objectives and counter opinions early on. A persuasive essay is a lot like sales. In sales, they teach you to beat your customers to the punch when it comes to common objectives. If you know the common reasons your reader might disagree, get those out of the way as early as possible by showing them why they aren't right.
  3. Use evidence from factual sources to discredit opinions that differ from your own. Use facts that back up your position, too. This will help to make sure that it doesn't seem like you are simply stating an opinion.

How to Structure Your Persuasive Essay

There are several things that should happen when you write your persuasive essay. In a normal paper, you want to tell your reader what it is you are going to be telling him throughout the rest of the document. In a persuasive essay you want to do the same, but in a different way.

Don't make the mistake of stating your opinion in the opening statements. Instead, just tell them that you are going to tackle this subject. As you proceed through the points, allow your writing to slowly sway the reader to your side.

You should not clearly indicate what your position is on the topic until you are about 2/3s of the way through the paper. By this point, you should have opened the reader up to your opinion with the points previously made.

If you present the opinion too early in the paper you may cause the reader to throw up a guard. This will prevent him or her from having an open mind towards your point of view.

You want to make sure that your essay gives as much supporting evidence as possible - both to disprove the opposite opinion, as well as proving your own. Follow these tips and your persuasive essay will rock.

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